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Why your ceo needs a vocal coach?

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Make space for what is important

Speak to inspire the response you want to get

Why is this relevant? Because it is through your performance that your audiences will trust your competence, your knowledge and your lead.

Vocal Dynamics is a coaching business that sculpts communication skills to the highest level.

Standing up to speak isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

We’re about to change that.

Stage techniques, body language, vocal efficiency and goal-oriented vocal dynamics allow you to stand out the way you want.

Clients have been noticing an overwhelming difference in their delivery midway through their first session.

Besides, you can use these skills for work & play.


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Working with Francisca was such a joyful experience!  She puts you at ease straight away and is so knowledgeable and fun!  Preparing for a scary public appearance isn’t easy, but with Francisca by my side I felt like I was gaining so much useful experience that I will use again and again.  Instead of feeling like hiding, I came away with the techniques and self-belief to enjoy public speaking, making videos and TV appearances.  She’s practical, she’s kind and very perceptive, and she’s an opera singer so she REALLY knows how to use her voice!  I highly recommend working with Francisca if you want to showcase your work or talents in the best way.

Dr Nicola Harker

Empowerment Coach

This training I  had with Francisca did more than teaching me how to use my voice and communicate. I recognized postural mistakes, limiting beliefs and even some fears which were stopping me from excelling. As my skills grew, I was able to better trust myself and my work.

Now I am able to communicate authentically. “That which I am” is present in my words, cadence, pitch, posture… without this training what I had to offer seemed empty and boring. I lost my fears and I learned to communicate with emotion and genuiness. This was truly impactful for me. I never imagined that through my goal of training my communication for a workshop, I would learn to communicate better in general, and acquired so much confidence and motivation for my work.

Elisabeth Borges

Neurolinguistic Coach, Hypnotherapist & Image Consultant

It was a very surprising and interesting session due to its immediate effect, allowing me to achieve a new vision on my way of communicating. For professional reasons I have been doing presentations for many years and I never realised certain aspects that were revealed in this coaching session in such a clear way. The language, the explanations, the examples and several suggestions of practice, drive us in a perfectly balanced way, and the most curious is the confidence that we feel rising and the ease in which we face presentations after these discoveries…  with absolute genuineness and a smile, from beginning to end!

Vanda Martins

Head of Development Information Systems

I loved the session with Francisca, I discovered small details that I used in my communication, that I had never noticed before and that make a big difference in the way I communicate and by making a few small changes I can have a more captivating communication.

Thank you so much Francisca and keep up the good work!

Cristina Afonso