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I am interested in leadership presence: the habits that we form around what we say and how we say it; the positive impact we can have when our voice and body language support our message, whether we speak to one person or a thousand.

As a trained opera singer, I am passionate about finding this balance, and guiding others in the process.

 1. experience

The stage was always a fun place for me. This gave me the freedom to discover what works and what distracts. How the body and the voice will play tricks on you – unless you know how align them with your intention.

2. not a lucky charm

Having the right state of mind is a part of it, and it’s also just the tip of the iceberg. It’s really the art & the science, the mechanisms you put to into motion that make it work like a charm.

3. unique paths

The path begins with your baseline. The strategy is laid out and tailored to your wants and needs. You will acquire tools and develop skills that will enhance your performance and help you make all of the difference.

Francisca Branco

I was born and raised in Portugal, and after studying Political Science & International Affairs, I moved to the Netherlands to pursue my passion for classical singing. Holding a bachelor and masters degree from the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague, I sing professionally with the group Laurens Collegium based in Rotterdam.

During my studies and teaching practice, I realized that singers and speakers face many of the same challenges and strive for similar goals: stage presence, clarity, engagement, a mental and physical state that nurtures authentic expression. Shortly after becoming a Body-Language and Micro-expression coach, I was interviewed for Forbes on “Why your CEO needs a vocal coach?“, by Carol K. Goman, Ph.D.

I am a certified Trainer of NLP with the International Institute of Neurolinguistic Programming – InPNL, I currently work as a Voice & Body Language Coach for THNK and I am Senior Coach at London Speech Workshop.

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Vocal Efficiency

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Learn effective and open body language according to your goals.

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We analyse your Micro-expressions to access limiting beliefs, fears and setting goals.